Album Stream: Coexist – The xx
Sep 2012 04

After a perfect and beautiful couple of weeks on the west coast, I flew back to Boston with the hope that summer weather was still holding up strongly; When I awoke this morning to find rain and greyness I could virtually see my summer tan fan before my eyes.

To make the most of this lazy weather that seems to fit the vibe after a long weekend, The xx have made their highly anticipated sophomore album available for streaming. The first couple singles from Coexist left a fire burning trail through the blogosphere – reminded people of their whispering, simplistic beauty, as well as setting off a feeding frenzy for the remix dj’s.

Like “Angels” and “Chained”, the songs trickle down the album’s landscape, reflecting a peaceful calm, and hypnotic vocals.

What song stands out to you most?

Stream Coexist here!

The xx  /// Fresh Musikk

Procrastination Kills 4 – Kirko Bangz
Sep 2012 04

Kirko Bangz, or as my roommate likes to say, ‘why-does-he-say-kurt-cobain-at-the-beginning-of-his-songs’, is an interesting character to me. After his smasher, “Drank In My Cup”, I had this strange affinity for this H-town hero, much like my interest in Kid Ink; Their music is fine, but I just really feel like we could be friends. Absolutely nothing in common here peeps, but just going with my gut on this one…

Mr. Bangz released his mixtape, Procrastination Kills 4, which showcases slowed down production like a Texan drawl, and mellow raps and hooks. While it’s nothing spectacular, there are some standouts like “Walk on Green”, “Hold It Down”, “Use To Be” mostly with some stripped down club-love vibes.

Download the mixtape in its entirety, here!

Kirko Bangz /// Fresh Musikk

Azealia Banks, “1991” (Video)
Sep 2012 04

She’s bringing it back! Our fav girl out the 212 has released yet another amazing video off her EP, “1991,” and it does not disappoint!

The video is an epic-throwback to the glorious 90s: when hip-hop reigned supreme and the majority of us still had a disposable income. Ugh, how I long for those days! With a G-style wardrobe, simple (yet addicting) dance moves, and a middrift that simply won’t quit, Mz. Banks has solidified her place as the coolest female rapper on the scene right now.

~N.Y. Rose Me, Most High Chose Me~

<3 Hazzard

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Musikk Video Monday: “Need Your Love” – Sol
Sep 2012 04

“Need Your Love” is one of my favorite songs from the Pacific Northwester, Sol, and it finally gets the visual treatment amidst his lengthy expedition.

After embarking on a worldly tour earlier this summer, Zillas everywhere were worried they wouldn’t have any new content from the rapper for 9 months; Lucky for us he shot this interesting love story (with a twist) before he left, featuring a beautiful sidekick, and some spy games, which leaves the audience guessing at the end.

With soft, golden light, Director, Stephan Gray did an excellent job of portraying Sol’s lyricism, and delicate production.


Sol /// Fresh Musikk

Rihanna ft. A$AP Rocky; Cockiness Remix
Sep 2012 04

A$AP Rocky has been doing this thing lately, and shows no sign of letting up as he jumps on the remix with RiRi. Rumor is A$AP will be jumping on stage with her on the upcoming MTV Music Awards. It’s unfortunate A$AP only spits a few lines, because he kills this beat, and seems to have a good time doing it.

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FM Spotlight Interview: Atlas Genius
Sep 2012 05

Fresh Musikk’s ultimate goal is to make you feel something. Yes, you.

We want to share musikk that elicits some sort of reaction that makes you personally connect to the song.

“The lyrics creatively compare the details of a relationship to the waves of the ocean, surfing, & summertime in a way that I’m completely captured by. And while the song takes you through love-sick ailments, you may experience your own “Symptoms” while listening to their serenely, crooning voices…”

The excerpt above was my first reaction, and personal interpretation to the musical quartet, Atlas Genius. After quickly catching the attention of the entire blogosphere through their indie-rock vocals, emotional lyrics, and Australian charm- the band was being hailed by every major record label worldwide.

In June they released their first official EP, Through The Glass, which was followed by creative and passionate music videos, with the latest one showcasing my personal favorite, “Symptoms.”

I had the chance to hop on the phone with Keith, lead vocalist of Atlas Genius, and pick his brain about the meaning behind their music, their upcoming album, and the power behind his Australian accent. With so much talent coming out of Australia right now, these guys seem to be leading the forefront as they make their first official tour through the US and Canada, which you surely won’t want to miss; Get up close and personal at these small venue shows while they last, because it’s only a matter of time until the headlining name in bold is Atlas Genius.

[FM: K.Roth of Fresh Musikk, AG: Keith of Atlas Genius]

FM: There comes a time in a band’s career when they have the opportunity to perform at an international level; Did you ever think after a solid 3 song EP you’d be swept up in an international tour through the US & Canada?

AG: Normally we would not have thought that…Normally you expect it to be a lot slower build. We kind of knew we lucked out…you would never expect to be touring in America for such a long time so early in a band’s career.

FM: “Trojans” is your lead single and is undoubtedly a fantastic song, but on a personal level “Symptoms” spoke to me the most. I think the ultimate value we as listeners can take away from music, is the ability to connect to the emotions behind the words. What can you tell us about the story behind this song?

AG: I started writing that song when we just had decided to move out of our apartment that we were living in for five years – and it’s a strange time when you’re moving from a place you’ve lived in for quite a long time with a lot of memories and things that have happened. There were a lot of personal things, and relationships that had come and gone – and it was the last of those parts of our lives. As we’re moving out it’s that realization that it’s the last link to some of those times that had passed…It was a big moment for us, and we wanted to pay homage to the house.

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A B & The Sea – In The Sunshine (MyKill Remix)
Sep 2012 05

Hot Damn, MyKill! Summer may be over, but that does not mean that we can’t keep dancing “In The Sunshine,” and with this MyKill masterpiece, that’s exactly what we plan to keep doing!

A B & The Sea’s “In The Sunshine” has some nu-disco magic sprinkled into it by our favorite producer in The Bay and reminds us that the best summer is an Indian Summer. Keep that sunshine burning inside you by grabbing the free download above!

<3 Hazzard

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Free Mixtape: Detroit- Big Sean
Sep 2012 06

Swerve. Swerve. Swerve.

Big Sean basically broke the internet with his latest mixtape, Detroit, and now the only important question is: Does it live up to the hype?!

In a word, yes.

In a few more words… Big Sean wanted to create an all original mixtape that he could give away and be 100% sure that he was comfortable with every single song on it.

After rumors of his frustration and dissatisfaction with Finally Famous, the perfectionist in him is paying more attention to his upcoming sophomore album. The ‘leftover’ songs for the mixtape reflect his signature stylings, with reflective hip-hop beats, and a little help from his friends. The tape includes features from J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Chris brown, Tyga, and more; Along with production from the majors like Hit Boy, Don Cannon, Young Chop, and a slew of others.

“100” had to be the most refreshing song on the tape with its orchestral sounding, string productions, and deep lyrical content. Naturally, I was drawn to it by Kendrick’s feature, but Big Sean, and Royce Da 5’9 complete the song strongly as a trio.

“Sellin Dreams”, “Woke Up”, and “How It Feel” were also stand out songs – with the first having phenomenal production by Da Internz.

At times, Big Sean seemed to be overpowered by the features on songs, or even the production – with him seemingly coming up with recycled verses. But ultimately, there are a handful of songs that I would throw on the repeat channel, and believe the tape as a whole will definitely please his fanbase.

 “…I’m doing an album to change the world. I’m doing a mixtape because that’s how I came up. That’s where a lot of my core fan base is, my core believers, and people who believe in me.” ~ Big Sean (via BillBoard)

Download Detroit for free, here!

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