“Touchdown” – Wunderjax ft. Misterthumbs
Jul 2012 02

A few weeks back we interviewed Smarterchild and asked him a very important question:

Out of all the up and coming artists rooted in Brooklyn, who has the best chance of hooking up with Kate Upton?

His response was an artist named Felix Snow who he had nothing but gushing, admirable praise for, and to quote, “Girls sweat when they get near him”; So when I saw an email pop up in my inbox from the NYC producer, I already had high expections. And they were without a doubt surpassed.

Wunderjax is Snow’s latest project which consists of himself, and writer/vocalist, Sam Gongol; Their new track, “Touchdown” features the fast spitting lyricism from the MC, Misterthumbs, who adds a bit more grittiness to the electronically charged synths.  The rollercoaster beat is fused with empowering orchestral strings and sounds that create a balanced flow throughout the song.

This is a phenomenal way to start your Monday morning – so, DO it.

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Music Video Monday: “Back Seat” – Atlas Genius
Jul 2012 02

*Music Video Monday*

Gurl, go on and show me your underwear!

Atlas Genius is back with their music video for “Back Seat” – and what did you do most in the back seat in the glory days? Make out, obviously. The video is a collection of flirty flashing, playful ass grabs, and lust at its finest.

The brotherly Aussie trio released their EP, Through the Glass, last month and while “Symptoms” was my favorite, all their songs reflect a chill, summery vibe.

So head to the beach, the lookout point, lover’s lane – wherever – and climb into your back seat for old time’s sake with a friendly friend, and do the song proud.

Purchase Through the Glass EP, here!

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“My Moment” – Dj Drama ft. 2 Chainz, Jeremih, & Meek Mill
Jul 2012 02

I am a big fan of Jeremih so when I saw he was in a track with some men of the moment, I got excited; Once I heard him kill it on the chorus, I knew I was hooked, and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. The song has all the ingredients to be a summer smash, and get some serious radio play.

I believe this will make it on Drama’s new project, Quality Street Music, which should drop this coming September.

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American Pride: July Fourth Necessities
Jul 2012 03

While many of us started our Fourth of July celebrations early this past weekend, we at Fresh Musikk decided to create an official check list for the actual holiday; Screw the fact that it’s on a Wednesday, and party just as hard to prove that you will not be subdued by calendar restrictions and limitations – Summer holds no rules.

Fresh Musikk’s July 4th Necessities:

1. Biddies & Bros

I use the term ‘bros’ lightly because I hope you surround yourself with some hotties with a body, and not lax bros in a pinny. And ‘biddies‘ defines itself.

2. BEER: Bud Heavy

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a big advocate of light beer; Bud Light, Corona Light, and light colored beers are among my repertoire; But how can you NOT drink Bud Heavies on July 4th? It’s the all-American drink, no exception. Shotgun that shit.

And what goes with beer? Drinking games. Ruit, flip cup, civil war, slap a ho, and more should be on the agenda.

3. BBQ: Burgers, Dogs, Wings, & Sausages

Most people are BBQ sauce freaks, but it comes as no surprise that I live my life with hot sauce on a pedestal; So dunk all that meaty goodness in the hot stuff and carry on. Add the essential sides like, slaw, watermelon, pasta salad, chips, guac, corn, and more… and I just got hungry writing this… [Read More…]

Aloha – Cisco Adler
Jul 2012 03

Aloha summer! I have not gotten sick of talking about you yet, and describing everything as the perfect summer song!

And with an album name like Aloha you know it’s going to be repping those sunshine-y, summertime vibes.

After his first single “You’re A Fool” featuring G. Love made its way to onto my ‘repeat’ list, I knew this was going to be a project to look forward to; Every song embraces it’s own individual sound, ranging from reggae to smooth, beach pop – all while cohesively spreading positive vibrations.

“Boom Boom Boom” is a stand out with its down-south, Carribbean influences, followed by the fact that G-Eazy comes in over a reggae beat; The unlikely change of ‘genre scenery’ looks good on him!

“Rock Me All Night” pretty much epitomizes the feeling of a summer beach day, so of course I was instantly drawn to it’s lazy & breezy beat.

Every summer morning is like “Waking Up in Paradise” and now we have a song to match the mood, featuring North Mississippi All Stars.

I can easily say I enjoyed every track and have listened to Aloha four times in its entirety, and I’m confident you will feel the same.

Purchase Aloha on iTunes!

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Get Funky With The Purple One. PRINCE!
Jul 2012 03

I’ve been going through it lately. And by “it” I mean a total Prince re-awakening. I have an obsession with Prince for multiple reasons: 1) Like me, he’s from Minnesota 2) He’s beyond talented and his music gets me all hot & funky inside 3) He’s sexy as hell.

About every year-and-a-half, I go through “it.” I put on the “Prince Greatest Hits” album and just get my sexy groove on. Don’t hate, you know you’ve done it too. And if you haven’t… well, then I think you have a problem and the only remedy for it is a Little Red Corvette or a Raspberry Beret. Seriously.

Australian producer, Late Nite Tuff Guy, is bringing Prince back just in time for some sexy July 4 parties that I know all my party ponies at FreshMusikk will love. Check out the sickkkk sample of classic Prince hit, “Controversy” above and get goin’ with your bad self.

Party Hardy <3 Hazzard

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“Chase Us Around” – Viceroy ft. Madi Diaz
Jul 2012 05

How do you keep riding the high of the Fourth through the rest of the week? Let the beat chase you around, thanks to Viceroy!

Viceroy laid down some 80’s beach-pop sounds in “Chase Us Around” featuring the sunshine vocals from Madi Diaz; The euphoric happiness will inflate your dwindling enthusiasm and help remind you that  the weekend is only a day away.

So while the day after the Fourth is much like the day after Christmas (except with a hangover), this bubbly beat will open your eyelids a little bit wider, and make you bounce with its electronic blend of 80’s fusion!

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Bailey Smalls – “Love Tonight”
Jul 2012 05

What’s that I hear? Free music?! Yes, yes it is! Bailey Smalls worked up this little gem just in time to help curve that July 5 hangover y’all are nursing right now. Remember, while today may actually be hell on earth, tomorrow is FRIDAY and the WEEKEND! This up-beat, electro-house banger is just what all y’all party ponies need to prance on, dance on.

It’s definitely reminiscent of Bingo Player’s “Cry Just A Little,” which if y’all don’t know, is beyond epic.

<3 Hazzard

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