“Rise & Fall” – Adventure Club & Krewella
Jun 2012 01

It was only a matter of time before Adventure Club and Krewella joined forces; In fact, I vote that the sexy Canadians fast forward and marry the talented sisters – their babies would be able to womp and wobble beats before they can walk, and it would be awesome.

The highly anticipated track, “Rise & Fall” was finally released last night, and reflects the gritty & dark style of both groups, with a hint of hope from the added piano instrumental; The girls’ voices are impeccable and filled with a passion that takes the song to another level.

No one in the dubstep game is creating music that has stellar production, and equally impressive vocals (of their own no less) as well as Krewella; Subsequently, Adventure Club has set themselves at such a high standard, that I can think of few other producers who consistently put out a high quality of music that represents their signature sound.

Also, be on the lookout for Krewella’s new EP, Play Hard, which will be released on Beatport June 18th! Ya’ll know it’s gonna banggg!

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Check out my interview with Adventure Club from March, after the jump!

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“Paradise City” – 21st Century Fugitives
Jun 2012 01

As a music blogger, you get a lot of recommendations, some terrible, a lot just ok, and then you get the once in a blue moon rarity that blows you away.

I was skeptical when I was told to listen to a rock band made up of pre teen Boston bros- and like many I underestimated their ability to be ‘good’ in comparison to what we usually see.

But like any good blogger, I’ll be the first to admit that I walked away with my foot in my mouth. These aren’t just 13 year old kids, they are rockstars in training.

The 21st Century Fugitives is comprised of five little jammers who have done successful covers of legendary rockstars so convincingly, that I’d even believe they were born within a decade of the original releases (it’s pushing 3 in actuality).

With a generation that’s been inundated with terribly autotuned songs by overrated artists, it’s good to see that a few youngin’s understand the value of true rock and roll.

On top of the far out vocals, and live instrument swagger, the guys have a hipster rock style that’s almost too much for words; I mean, c’mon, dude’s already got groupies…

My challenge to them is to get some high quality video, and cover a song where he can take some liberty with the melody and go crazy with the vocals…Dare I say Aerosmith?

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“We’ll Be Coming Back” – Calvin Harris ft. Example
Jun 2012 01


Calvin Harris has got to be one freakin’ happy dude this year; With single after single being absolute fire, he’s topped everyone’s list as a must-see set during festival season.

Last night he debuted “We’ll Be Coming Back” featuring Example on BBC1 radio, and it’s another smasher; There’s something about Example’s vocals that have always been intriguing – they never overpower the song, but always bring an an added sense of soulful mystery. If you understand where I’m coming from on that claim, then I applaud you for deciphering my brainwaves this morning. I just have my mind on the weekend, the weekend on my mind.

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Martin Solveig Performs “The Night Out” Madeon Remix Live
Jun 2012 01

It must just be a Madeon filled week…

First our Koncert Review, which included his teaser for his new single, “Finale”, and now Martin Solveig doesn’t just do a live version of his song, “The Night Out” – he does a live version of Madeon’s remix for “The Night Out”! Solveig illicited the help of over twenty musicians to bust out the live performance at Studio Ferber, where he took charge of the lead vocals, saying:

“I wanted to do something I had never done before – recording a song in live conditions and exploring new studio experiences…This track seemed particularly suitable for such an organic and orchestral version. “ (via RS)

The live version isn’t featured on The Night Out EP, but lucky for us you can still enjoy the purely instrumental version, and download for it free below!

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Futurecop! The Only Way (ft. Keenhouse) (GRVRBBRS Remix)
Jun 2012 01

As you know, we’re obsessed with Futurecop! Check out this remix of “The Only Way” by GRVRBBRS! EPIC! This song has had me bouncin’ up and down all week and I cannot think of a better song to get y’all going on your weekends! We hope you enjoy and download for FREE! Add it to the summer playlist, K.Roth; this one is a gem.

<3 Hazzard

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“Something Better” – Get People
Jun 2012 01

Ahh. Give me a minute, I just fell into a blissful daze…

Get People is an indie trio out of London producing fantastic music that has a trippy, ethereal sound that exudes a gospel calmness; The soft vocals on “Something Better” reflect the slight edginess of the production, but also contribute to the vibe of self reflection and hope. The production begins like an ocean wave, rushing toward you, then slowly ebbing away, until you realize you’ve been swept away with it.

I’ve listened to the soothing song over ten times now, and although it is in no way getting me ready to rage this weekend, it’s providing a moment of peace that’s only mine…The power of music, people.

“Something Better” will be featured on their Harmonize EP out July 2nd!

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Music Video Monday: “You and I” – Zeds Dead ft. Omar LinX
Jun 2012 04

I had a fantastic weekend, and there’s nothing worse than waking up early on Monday morning to a dreary, rainy day, where the coffee can flow, but fails to deter the maximization of the Monday Morning Blues.

This weekend, MAG of Enthuzed, may have hit the record for playing the same song over and over with Zeds Dead’s track, “You and I,” featuring the lyrical flow of Omar LinX; Lucky for him, I have a high repeat tolerance when a song is good, and this song surpasses that level.

Carrying the musical goodness over from my weekend to my Monday morning has strived to make it more tolerable, as I zone into the sweet piano melody that’s supplemented with dark synths, and Omar’s raspy vocals; Although the melancholy lyrics depict a lost, hopeless love, the song is captivating and will have you hitting play over and over.

The video takes the viewer through Omar and Zeds North American tour, interlaced with shots of a dark haired beauty (although MAG claims otherwise)..

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Updated: “Spectrum”, Zedd ft. Matthew Koma
Jun 2012 05

**UPDATE: After a massive preview last week, Zedd let loose his new track, “Spectrum” featuring Matthew Koma with the vocals; The beat starts off a lot grittier than I imagine it to be, then opens into the dance party anthem it’s meant to portray.

Zedd fills your speakers with a growing energy, that bumps, builds, and takes you on a roller coaster of genre mixing sounds; The electronic tone is contrasted by Matthew Koma’s punk/pop vocals which make me love it and question it at the same time; Pop, punk, pop, punk, both? Pop? I don’t know, but I do like the originality; Zedd’s new preview of “Spectrum” will be released on June 4th, and will be featured as the first single off his upcoming album.

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