Young Sinatra: Undeniable – Logic
May 2012 01

Young Sinatra: Undeniable is a special project, made by a special artist.

 To say that I was impressive would be a massive understatement; While many artists find whispers of peace & calmness through their music, Logic is one of the few who you know may not be able to live without it. His honesty kidnapped my attention for all 83 minutes of this mixtape, as I listened to him weave through stories of his rough childhood, his worries & fears, his aspirations, and his faith in his music and fans. He seems to specialize in inspiration and there’s no doubt that his music provides a powerful escape for many fans around the world; As is evident in the closing track, “World Wide” which samples actual phone messages from his fans, and proves it is no small feat in the amount of people he’s affected with his rawly, emotional music.

His ‘in your face, speed spitting’ style captures your attention like few other up and comer’s (or established artists) can right now; With his striking rapping skills, tracks like “Dead Presidents III”, “Dear God”, and “I Made It”, become standouts, while songs like “Numbers”, “Do Ya Like”, and “The Spotlight” reflect an equally impressive mainstream approach; The versatility that this project provides, ensures that there is something for everyone, from the old school hip-hop sounds, to radio-friendly production, to Drake-like comparisons – While maintaining the high level of production and quality that we’ve come to expect from this young, Maryland emcee.

Logic kept his Visionary team members close, by utilizing 6ix and C-Sik’s production skills, in addition to his own musical input, to every detail of every song.

I encourage each and every one of you to listen to this entire mixtape all the way through, and then do it again, because Young Sinatra: Undeniable has just landed on everyone’s ‘best mixtapes of the year’ list.

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“Kings & Queens (Throw It Up)”, Joseph SoMo
May 2012 01

I was waiting for this one to be released to satisfy my popalicious craving, and boy is it satisfying.

You may have heard of Joseph Somo for the his fantastic covers of radio hits, or acoustic mashups that grab a spot in the slow jam hall of fames – But now he’s arrived with his first original single, “Kings & Queens (Throw It Up)”!

This song has everything a good pop rock song needs nowadays: good vocals, great production, and a damn catchy hook. Check, check, check.

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Azealia Banks is a HOOD BITCH like no other
May 2012 01

Azealia is my gurllll & I’ve got made love for this bitch. In fact, if y’all remember, she was my first post on Fresh Musikk. As predicted by yours truly, Ms. Banks has BLOWN UP since dropping “212.” She’s appeared in my Bible (GQ, obviously), KILLED it at Coachella, and continues to werqqq it with masterfully insane songs that basically force you to ride dirty and die happy. “Hood Bitch” is my personal fav at the moment, it lifts me when I’m down & blueeeeeee.

“You wanna fuck with my money bust a hole through ya hat
And leave you rotting in the sewer, you the water on tap”

Are you also DYING for her album to drop? Well, it’s called ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ and it’s out in September. CAN’T WAIT!

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Usher ft. Rick Ross; Lemme See
May 2012 01

So last week Usher leaked a new single ‘Scream’ and this week he’s right back at it again; another must download, right to the iPod song. These two songs are just a preview of what we can expect from his upcoming album, “Looking for Myself”(out June 12); This time it features the Bawse Rozay and produced by Jim Jonsin.

The track features heavy bass, mixed with a midtempo beat, and lyrics which are sure to get all of Usher Raymond’s female fans excited. The hook is very catchy and has a ‘Love in this Club’ type of feel for the upcoming video shoot. Nonetheless, Usher looks to have another smash single on his hands, and keep everyone excited for the new album.

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Time To Get “Loaded” with DJ Carnage & G-Eazy
May 2012 01

DJ Carnage felt it was time to revamp his track, “Loaded” and elicited the help of G-Eazy who brings some added grittiness to the song; The duo turn it into a dirty dirty, windows down, bump it with your boys kind of track, and no doubt appeals to all the G fans out there. Carnage brings  the “Rappin A$$ Rappers” spit style out of G-Eazy, and completes his previously solo track into some straight solid hip-hop.

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“Solitaire,” The Two Friends
May 2012 02

Bump your humpday with this progressive house original, “Solitaire”, by The Two Friends!

The feel good track matches the weather outside perfectly, with it’s slow build, aka the sun that’s trying to break through the lit up clouds, then into a mellow, easy, breezy covergirl day. The light beat and smooth vocals from Marcus Muñoz & Katie Pearlman, beg for you to drive around town with the windows down – eagerly anticipating the summer weather on the horizon.

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“Redline”, Wolfgang Gartner
May 2012 02

I’m a few days late on this, but man does it remind me to be excited for ID Fest this summer. Wolfganag Gartner released the official “Redline” track on iTUnes and Beatport – showing us exactly why this will be a huge summer anthem.

This will salaciously satisfy all the dance party enthusiasts out there, who plan be to soaking in his music in the sun this summer; I’m always silently rejoiceful when I can thoroughly enjoy a House or Dubstep track that doesn’t feature any vocals, because it means the production can shine on its own.

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“Tell It Straight”, Aer ft. Guy Harrison
May 2012 02

Wooooo. It’s been a whilrwind of a week for my favorite boys; The Aer duo released their video for “What You Need”, came home for a quick break from touring, and hit 30,000 fans on facebook!

In honor of the milestone, Carter & Dave released their new song “Tell It Straight”, featuring fellow rapper, Guy Harrison; The guys do what they do best, and share some laid back vibes over this Pete Rock production, simply adding to their extensive list of songs in your iTunes library.

Love this one – hit the repeat.

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