“I’m Good”, Grynch
Mar 2012 01

“I’m feeling better than I ever have

Oh yeah, wish I could feel this forever, man

Check this out, you don’t like it I could give a damn

No I ain’t trying to kick it with you, ‘cus I got better plans”

Seattle-based rapper Grynch delivers some feel-good music with “I’m Good”, the third single on his upcoming album, Perspective. Enlisting the help of fellow Seattle emcee Sol, Grynch fills this Budo-produced track with positive vibes and smooth rhymes.

I’m a sucker for upbeat and optimistic hip hop tracks, and “I’m Good” definitely fits the bill.

Perspective is set to be released on March 2nd, so keep an eye out and give it a listen when it drops.

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Can’t Get Enough of Sophia Grace & Rosie
Mar 2012 01


I can’t get enough of this princess team. We heard a little bit of their “freestylin”‘ skills last time they were on Ellen when they rapped their own lyrics at the end of their Keri Hilton’s “Turn My Swag On” performance, but the tutu-wearin’ duo is back with their first original song to thank Ellen for their trip to Disneyland. Their lyrics, such as “princess swagger, we got moves like jagger” and “fly over London with Peter Pan courtesy of Ellen’s wonderland” are laced over the beat to Drake’s “The Motto”.  Be sure to watch the whole performance or you’ll miss out on Sophia Grace showcasing her amazing 8 year old vocals and some twirlin’ dance moves.

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Official Vocal Track for “Calling ‘In My Mind'”
Mar 2012 01

Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso released the official vocal edit for their smasher “Calling ‘In My Mind'”; Ryan Tedder from One Republic propels the track to legendary status.

For those of you who were lucky enough to hear this live this summer, the rest of the world can finally appreciate the genius behind the final product; Unfortunately for us lame-ass Americans, it is not yet available for purchase – but for the rest of you, happy thirsty Thursday.

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Jeniffer Hudson Teaches Us to “Think Like A Man”
Mar 2012 01

Who better to teach us to “Think Like A Man” than J Hud and Neyo? Just when I had been saying Neyo’s been absent from our ears recently, he collaborates with Jennifer Hudson & Rick Ross on their new song “Think Like A Man”, which is inspired by the movie (coming out April 20th, and starring comedian Kevin Hart, who adds comedic relief in the video) and the book by Steve Harvey “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man”.

Jennifer rocks her sexy figure in this fun video, which includes clips from the movie, and has her strong woman entourage backing her up as she dances and sings between Neyo’s smooth vocals and of course, Rick Ross’s “woo’s & uhhh’s”.

Lessons on how to  “Think Like A Man” are after the jump….

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John Legend Covers The Boss
Mar 2012 01

There’s so much goodness going on in this video I don’t even know where to begin…

First and foremost, John Legend covering The Boss? Incredible. Now make it an old-school classic, add in some jazz vibes and it’s simplistic genius is exemplified.

Legend’s one of the few A-List artists that everybody respects, and completely revels in his talent; He slows down “Dancing In The Dark” gives it a little soul and delivers it with such unmatchable coolness it makes every girl want him and every guy want to be him.

Like c’mon, you got the vocals, looks, humor, fresh style, and a supermodel fiance (whattup Chrissy)  – Dude, doesn’t even give anyone else a chance.

This is the man who set the standard boys. Blame him.

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* Shout out to JoKo at HMC for the find.

“Vocal Layout Idea”, Terence Ryan Music Video – Must Watch
Mar 2012 01


Clearly Terence Ryan is redefining the meaning of “killin’ it” because that’s all he knows how to do.

His Skeleton EP was released early on in 2012, but I have no doubts that it will continue to be one of the best projects we see from an up & comer this year.

He opened up huge with “Alan’s Right” and followed up with an incredibly impressive project – and while “Vocal Layout Idea” wasn’t my standout track on the EP, it’s refreshing sound and vibe still makes it unlike the majority of things we hear these days.

T. Ryan grabs Ryan Sheetz again to direct and execute his idea for the video, and this is just another example of how their talent and professionalism exceed their actual experience; This is so well done you would think this was created by full grown, 10 years in the biz, adults – not guys who are still gettin’ after it in their teenage years.

If you haven’t downloaded the Skeleton EP, then come out from the rock you’ve been living under and hit the link.

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Sunnies Friday: Livin’ The Good Life
Mar 2012 02

Johnny Neon ‘Hearts’ from Dave Meinert on Vimeo.

Sunnies Friday

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve wished that I could be livin’ the good dog’s life every once in a while.

For real, they have it made; Their meals are handed to them, they don’t even have to lift a paw – they sleep wherever and whenever they want, tennis balls are God’s gift to the world, and they are innately happy, straight to the core hippies who just want to cuddle and spread love all the time.

Yea…I could definitely be a bouncy, golden retriever. Or the lovable pup in this phenomenal music video (DL link after the jump)..

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Even Robin Thicke Gets Hungover…
Mar 2012 02

“I’ll leave you if you break my pretty little heart, I will”

Perfect new video to match how our hungover bodies are feeling this Friday.

Robin Thicke & Lil Wayne put visuals to “Pretty Little Heart”, which makes you feel like you’re  watching “The Hangover” all over again, except this time, Robin Thicke replaces Bradley Cooper as the goodlooking star. A might finneee Robin Thicke, sporting a simple white t-shirt & red leather jacket stumbles into the opening scene as the first notes of their track starts to play.He lays down on the motel parking lot ground as his previous nights memories fly by before us in short, quick shots, much like how all our hungover brains remember the blurry night before.

You’ll have to watch above to see what Robin Thicke was up to that night….

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