“Teleport 2 Me, Jamie”, WZRD
Feb 2012 01

Instead of having Jamie Teleport 2 Me, I’d prefer if Icould teleport to HBO – then I could convince them to bring back HTMIIA.

For real – what were they thinking?!

Anyways, Kid Cudi gives us the full length version of “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie”, a song which ventures away from his typical sound, and reinvents his new image with WZRD; It took me four listens of the snippet for me to go from ‘disliking’ it to hitting ‘repeat’. I’m definitely curious to see how the album turns out, which drops on 2/28.

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Fresh Musikk 2012
Feb 2012 01

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I imagine this is what it feels like to be a proud parent; Seeing your kindergartener step on the school bus for the first time; Looking stunning and all grown up while leaving the house for prom; Or walking across the stage at college graduation, making that huge step towards the transition between student to adult- much like the journey we are about to embark on with Fresh Musikk.

We are leaping across that stage, striving to become what we know we’re capable of…

Much like life, Fresh Musikk had some growing pains, some teenage angst, and a hell of a lot of issues to deal with while building the new site. And while we still have a few bumps and bruises to work through, we could not be happier with what we’ve become.

Fresh Musikk is just one of thousands of music blogs, but there’s one thing that makes us different, and the thing that I’m most proud of- we don’t just give you the newest music, we provide you with music that represents all those emotions you yearn to describe. Music is a personal connection that no one can take away from you.

To say that FM opened the door to a host of new opportunities would be a huge understatement; I’ve been exposed to the [Read More…]

Mac Miller “Dig That” Ft Cam’ron
Feb 2012 02


Since Mac Miller tweeted “just got out of the lab with @Mr_Camron”, we were curious to see what they would produce together, since the collaboration is kind of surprising to most.

Once quoted as “the future of music” from Darrelle Revis (NYJ), this fun lovin’ young Pittsburgh artist seems to hold his own on this track, even though he hasn’t really worked with many artists. “Dig it”, produced by The Big Jerm,  starts off with Cam rapping over a smooth, beat with his cocky flow : “wanted me to wife her/  i just want to pipe her /only gave her cab fare / i would’ve white-nik’d her /baby won’t quit tho, she a fighter / i’m like “god damn, it was just a one-nighter”

Then our boy Mac Miller easily transitions into his own self complimentary verse:  “i must admit it, i’m just iller than most /this business, i get up in it, like i’m pimpin’ these hoes / all these that you people love, go and give em a toast/ because if they ain’t here tomorrow you gon miss em the most”.

Though this collaboration was unheard of before now, we like to see artists venture out of their comfort zones because it usually produces bangers.

So bring it on…keep on surprising us.

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Feb 2012 02


Sorry – been super crazy busy getting the site up, and haven’t written any posts since Tuesday morning! Time to get back on the grind.

In honor of 1 million YouTube views on their “Under The Sea” video, Cal & Rez revisited their insanely popular Timeflies Tuesday song, and shot a new video through the streets of NYC, and this time created a full-length version of the track. I constantly get texts, usually from girls, proclaiming their obsessive love for Timeflies, but aside from their girly crushes it goes wihtout saying these guys are talented. 2011 was their year, but 2012 is THE year; Congrats guys.

 “hold the antibiotics cuz the videos are viral.”

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"Lost One", Jhameel
Feb 2012 02

As part of its wish list for 2012, Pigeons and Planes (one of my favorite blogs besides Fresh Musikk), wished that indie artists and non-rappers would get in on the mixtape game. Indie-pop artist Jhameel responded by stepping up to the plate and going over an instrumental of Jay-Z’s “Lost One”.

Jhameel’s remake is short and sweet, and his smooth vocals definitely make for a chill song. The quality is a bit raw, but don’t be fooled; Jhameel has an unbelievable voice. This track will reportedly be the first on his upcoming mixtape, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for new releases these next few weeks.

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BONUS: Hit the jump to check out Jhameel’s awesome cover of the Beatles’ “Blackbird”.

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Adventure Club Consistently Delivers
Feb 2012 02


Adventure Club is one of my favorite dubstep groups in the game right now.

This Montreal twosome consistently puts out intricate & soulful remixes that combine the mellow feel of an indie track, with the hard hitting whomps and drops of dubstep; Their mixes are never overwhelmingly heavy and always maintain a thoughtful, well-produced sound. Throughout the last year we’ve seen track after track jump the charts (with my personal favorites including, “Collect Call”, “Love Lost”, and “Wed Don’t Eat”), and their remix of Foxes’, “Youth” is simply another one to add to the list- proving why I believe that 2012 will be a huge year for these guys.

“Don’t tell me our youth is running out, it’s only just begun.”


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Nicki Minaj Turns Me On
Feb 2012 02

David Guetta’s latest radio hit ft Nicki Minaj (#latepass, i apologize but it’s still “fresh” in many senses) has some visuals and it’s everything you would expect from the collaboration: Sexual, violent & weird but strangely captivating. David Guetta was quoted saying he wanted to be extremely “risque” in this video and that he did, by the way of mannequins (?). The french producer reunited again with his “Where Them Girls At” partner and said:

“I wanted to have a video that is a piece of art by itself, I am so excited about this video. It’s absolute madness and Nicki delivers, always.”

I’m bias because I love weird, disturbing, artsy videos & I love Nicki, but even if you hate it, it’s definitely worth checking out, just once.

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Say Hello to Forever, Masspike Miles
Feb 2012 02

Speaking of Boston, one of my favorite rappers/RnB singers, Masspike Miles, just recently released a new mixtape, Say Hello to Forever.  The mixtape was a pleasant surprise, with guests of Raekwon, Fred da Godson, Wiz Khalifa, and ‘Frontline’ stands out as my favorite song.  Miles is signed to MmamamamammmmMaybach Music and I have been waiting a long time for him to finally break through to a mainstream artist because he absolutely has the potential.

Rick Ross was introduced to Miles a while back at a Boston Summer Jam concert, and was blown away by his potential.  Miles was born into a family of musicians and is known for his smooth singing voice, but I am still waiting on that single that will blow people away.  He is always making appearances with the bawse on tour all over the world, so keep your eye out for him moving forward.


Here’s some new visuals from Miles worth checking out.



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