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Sound Off Sunday

What better time to talk about la música Latina than when I’m in LA? I love Spanish music, and a little reggaeton in my life; In fact my go-to LA radio station is Latino 96.3 – Thank God for Shazam or else I’d have to rely on my shaky Spanish skills to determine the names of the songs.
I spent the weekend in LA for my cousin’s wedding, where he was lucky enough to marry a beautiful girl, and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them; Initially brought together for their love of music, and impressive ability to scout new musical talents, it goes without saying that their DJ was rockin it last night. Another plus, is that his new bride comes from a strong and proud Mexican heritage which translates into more latin music for me!
Admittedly, I do not listen to it enough; the west coast and spring break is when I can get my fix for it- but here is my written plea to encourage each and every one of you to bask in the sexual, latin lover-ness that IS reggaeton.
Every song oozes passion with it’s sexy, sensual beat, underneath its romantically rolled r’s; With lyrics that simply sound so much better just because they are lucky enough to be sung in a legitimate romance language.
When I was studying in Florence, a local once told me that English sounds like little pebbles being dropped on a cobble stone street… Yea, let that sink in. Not only did he convey that in a way that is way more lyrically sweet than an American could, but he was insulting me at the same time. Which also goes to prove my theory that any love song sung in a romance language, in this this case, Spanish, will automatically sound better.

I would LOVE if anyone wanted to recommend some great latino reggaeton music for me to indulge over – But until then, these two songs are old, but have remained my favorites for a while now…

“Y yo que te amo tanto, tus ojos no me ven. Y yo que te quiero tanto, soy invisible para ti.”

Joey Montana – “Tus Ojos No Me Ven”

Daddy Yankee (duh…) – “Que Tengo Que Hacer”

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Posted by: k.roth