Sep 2011 21

Welcome to ‘Whomp Your Humpday’.

After throwing around some ways to incorporate “whomp” into a routine Wednesday post, we jokingly stumbled upon ‘Whomp Your Humpday’ as the the humpday jokes began flowing, but it kind of fits nicely…

So for our first one, I bring you a “Seek Bromance” remix by Conspirator, who is an electro house act from Philly; The badass thing about them is that they play live instruments during their sets to really bring a unique element and sound quality to their productions. They coordinated with Avicii to bring you this release, and although the core of that phenomenal song is still prevalent, they add their own flavor to the mix.

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Download “Seek Bromance (Conspirator Remix)”

posted by: k.roth

ps.. I know it’s not pure dubstep for heavy whomps but it’s an electro smash that’s close enough